Hello! My name is Ginger and I am the owner of Gingerberry Creek and creator of all of the hand-crafted items you will see here on the website.

I've been quilting, sewing, and crafting for over 25 years. At first I would create items for myself and friends and family. Then while my husband was in the military I began to branch out and start selling at the Craft Shows and Bazaars and at one time had a small shop on the military base in the BX building.

Then in 1997 I became very ill with several diseases & illnesses which took me away from my passion. In June 1998 I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. I had a few rounds of chemo which put me into a temporary remission just long enough to get me to a Bone Marrow Transplant. In October 1998 I received my new Bone Marrow that we hoped would save me from this horrible disease. By the grace of God I am still here today.

After all that it took me many years to get back on my feet and feel like crafting again.

Well needless to say, I am now doing much better and am able to start creating and selling at Craft Shows & Fairs and now online too.

Plus, I am branching out and creating patterns so that those that are crafty like me can purchase a pattern and create one of my designs. I will be offering 2 options when it comes to the patterns. If you want it right now you can purchase a digital download for less than a regular pattern, plus you don't have to wait for it to be sent to you, all you have to do is download and print. But if you like to have the "hands on" pattern then you can purchase it and we will send them to you directly. Both are very convenient and very easy to use and read.

I hope that you enjoy visiting my online store and be sure to check-out my Events page to see where I will be taking all my hand-crafted Primitives. Who knows I may be coming to your area soon. If I am I would love to have you stop by my booth and say Hello and get a peek at all my wonderful goodies in person.

Enjoy your visit and Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my company!

Prim Blessings and Happy Shopping!