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Gingerbread Girl

Featured Designers & Artists

This Gallery is to feature what other artists are doing with the finished pattern designs that they purchase from Gingerberry Creek.  You never know where you might see one of my whimsical designs.

How to be a Featured Designers

I love seeing the finished designs created by my Primitive Doll Patterns.  I also love seeing how my Pattern Designs are being featured in other Artist Creations.

If you are Featuring a Gingerberry Creek design into one of your creations I would absolutely love to see it and share it with everyone else who visits.

Please send me an Email with the following information.

  • Your Name & Company Name
  • A Link to your Shop, Blog or Facebook Page where the item is featured
  • A Picture of the item featuring a Gingerberry Creek design
  • A few words about your designs and company
  • Please also give Gingerberry Creek permission to share your information and image on the Gingerberry Creek website.

I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful designs and designers who are using and incorporating a GBC Pattern into their business and creations!

Where to find the Featured Designers

I love that these artist have either chosen to purchase a finished Gingerberry Creek design or purchase a GBC Pattern and create the handmade Primitive Doll themselves and then incorporate it into their own original creation.

Please help support them by visiting their websites! Click on their names to view their creations!

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