Attaching a Head to a Body

This video tutorial shows how to Attach a Doll Head to a Doll Body when making a Primitive Doll by Gingerberry Creek.

Adding Thread Hair Tutorial

View this Tutorial for Adding Thread Hair for my Primitive Doll Patterns.

Working with Rusty Wire

This video tutorial is about Working with Rusty Wire and creating Antenna or attaching a floating piece to your Primitive Doll.

Whisker Making Techniques

This video is a tutorial on creating the Whiskers on your primitive  dolls featured in some of the primitive doll patterns by Gingerberry  Creek. There are 2 ways to create Whiskers and both are explained in  this tutorial. 

Ripping Fabric and Bow Making

This video tutorial shows how to Rip Cotton Fabrics and also how to Make a Bow for your Primitive Dolls.

Staining Fabric and Primitive Dolls

This video tutorial will show how to Stain or Antique Cotton Fabrics as well as how to Apply Stain to your Gingerberry Creek Primitive Dolls.

Gluing Doll pieces to Doll body

This video tutorial will show how to Glue your doll pieces to your doll body. This shows how to glue the bow, head, tail and feet in place.