About Custom Orders

I receive a lot of emails asking if I accept Special or Custom Orders for the finished primitive dolls of my pattern designs. Yes I do!

A Custom Order is considered on an individual basis and a few other factors:

  • The Pattern Design and Limited Reproduction List
  • The Quantity of Items Requested
  • The Time line of when Items are Needed or Wanted 

Requesting a Custom Order

Please send an Email or fill out the Contact Me Form with the following information about your Custom Order:

  • A list of Pattern Designs you are interested in having made
  • The Quantity required for each Pattern Design
  • When you will need the Finished Designs
  • Any Color changes required
  • Zip Code for figuring out Shipping Costs
  • Any other pertinent information I may need to know

After I receive your request, I will then reply with the Prices, Shipping Costs, Time required to make designs, and other Custom Order details.

From there you will review the information provided and agree or make changes to your Custom Order.

Once you agree I will create a Custom Order which will be available for purchase and payment.

Once I receive payment notification, I will then place your Custom Order in my line up of orders.

Custom Order Details

The following details apply to all Special or Custom Orders.

All items are individually handmade and may slightly vary from the original design picture.  The sizes listed on all of my Pattern Designs are approximate and due to the nature of each one being Individually Handmade the item may be slightly smaller or larger than the size of the Original Design.

All Special or Custom Orders are to be paid in advance.  No exceptions.

Due to the popularity of my designs I keep very busy with other Custom Orders, so as of right now, my turn around time to complete 1 or 2 finished primitive doll designs is about 3-4 weeks from the date of purchase and payment.  If you are requesting a Custom Order with more than 1 or 2 finished primitive doll designs then the turn around time is taking 6-8 weeks.  If your Custom Order is very large or if it is during busier times like the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) then it could take even longer to complete and ship a Custom Order.

All finished primitive doll designs are for decoration purposes only.  They are not a Toy, nor are they intended for children due to small parts which are a possible choking hazard.

All Custom Orders are Non-refundable and All Sales are Final.

Custom Order Holiday Deadlines

If you are thinking about placing a Custom Order for any of my Primitive Finished Designs here are a few Deadlines for getting those orders in so that they will be ready and to you by the holidays and gift giving!

Valentine's Deadline - Order no later than January 3rd
St. Patrick's Day Deadline - Order no later than February 3rd
Easter Deadline - Order no later than March 5th
Mother's Day Deadline - Order no later than April 1st
Father's Day Deadline - Order no later than May 7th
Independence Day Deadline - Order no later than May 23rd
Halloween Day Deadline - Order no later than September 5th
Thanksgiving Day Deadline - Order no later than September 29th
Christmas Day Deadline - Order no later than October 30th

If you are wanting your Custom Order for displaying during a certain holiday then you may need to order sooner than the above deadlines.  All of these Deadline Dates are approximate time lines based on small Custom Orders of 1-4 items.  If your Custom Order has more than 4 items then the Deadline Dates will be sooner than the listed ones.  During Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I tend to be much busier and the Deadline Dates are usually at least 8 weeks out to receive a Custom Order.  If you have any questions please Email Me