About Gingerberry Creek

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The Heart of Gingerberry Creek

Gingerberry Creek was developed in late 2012. It took several months planning and developing exactly what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to achieve it. Once I had a plan in place, I was off and running setting up this new adventure of melding the craft and business in to one amazing company.


Once all of the 'technical and business' aspects were figured out and set in place it was now time to get down to creating the heart of what Gingerberry Creek is all about - Primitive Doll Designs and their Patterns.


I take great pride in designing a new Gingerberry Creek Primitive Doll Design and it's Pattern. Not to mention I find it very enjoyable and satisfying. 


It was very important to me to make sure that every Gingerberry Creek Primitive Doll Design consisted of superior quality supplies with a lot of attention to the details. I also apply this concept to each and every Primitive Doll Pattern.


Each Primitive Doll Pattern is developed using a very specific process to ensure that they are accurate, complete and have a clean legible layout, easy to follow instruction and are consistent from pattern to pattern. 


Why is this so important? I didn't want my customers to get frustrated with a handwritten pattern that has huge gaps in the instruction, or information being left out completely to the point that the finished design doesn't even look anything like the picture. Nothing more annoying and frustrating than to waste your time, energy and money on supplies for a pattern that doesn't give you results.


For that reason, I develop the design and then I make the design from the pattern pieces to ensure they all fit properly. During this process every step I do is written down immediately to ensure the accuracy of the written instruction. Once the design is complete it is then typed and put together with pictures and pattern pieces. At this point the pattern is then proof read with a professional seasoned instructional designer who evaluates the pattern for accuracy and that the instructions are thorough and detailed. After that the pattern is finally ready for publication. This whole process can take days from start to finish.

Customer feedback is an integral part of the continual pattern evaluation process. Plus, sometimes it's used in the design process and helps in the development of new video tutorials.


I appreciate that you have taken the time to read more about Gingerberry Creek. Please feel free to send me an email with feedback, design suggestions or just to say 'hello'!