About GBC Patterns

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Pattern and Image Watermarks

Please be aware that all of Gingerberry Creek's images and patterns are copyrighted and will contain a watermark design.

The watermark is essential for protecting intellectual property, and my watermark follows industry standards.  Therefore, my images and patterns will always contain my watermark regardless of digital or pre-printed patterns. 

GBC Pattern Formats

Currently, my patterns are offered in 2 formats.

  • Paper Patterns:      These come pre-printed in a resealable ziploc bag.  Each pattern will have a Cover Page with Supply List, General Information Page, Written Pattern Instructions Page(s) and Pattern Template  Page(s). Paper Patterns require shipping from Gingerberry Creek.
  • E-Pattern or Digital Pattern: These patterns are purchased and downloaded by you (the buyer). Once payment is made you will download and save the PDF file      to your computer. You can then print it from your printer at your convenience.  All E-Patterns include the same pages that are in the Paper Patterns, minus the ziploc bag. Since you download and print from your computer, there is no waiting and no shipping costs are incurred. This pattern format is great for everyone, especially those that are International.

Where can I buy GBC Patterns?

Here at Gingerberry Creek I currently offer the Paper Patterns and E-Patterns (Instant Digital Download Patterns).  

Finally I am now able to offer E-Patterns here at Gingerberry Creek!  Please bare with me as I add all of the E-Patterns!

You can also find my Paper Patterns and E-Patterns (instant downloads) in my Etsy Shop.

My E-Patterns are also available at Pattern Mart.

So as you can see there are several options for purchasing a Gingerberry Creek Pattern.

GBC Pattern Terms of Use

All Gingerberry Creek patterns, pictures and written content are Copyrighted by Gingerberry Creek and its designer Ginger Morgan.

Gingerberry Creek patterns may be made for personal use or for profit. Finished pattern design may be sold at Craft Shows, Auctions or Websites, but credit must be given to Gingerberry Creek as the pattern designer. Finished pattern design may not be massed produced for retail or wholesale purpose without written permission from Gingerberry Creek. Changing, altering or re-sizing of this pattern is Prohibited. Photocopying this pattern for the purpose of sharing or selling is Strictly Prohibited. Digital sharing or forwarding of this pattern in its entirety or parts to any social media, newsgroup, blog, website, web album, email, or any other forum is Strictly Prohibited and is a serious copyright violation. Trading or selling your one and only purchased copy of the pattern is permitted. You May Not, however retain a copy or working copy for yourself, if you are trading or selling your one and only purchased copy of this pattern.


All Gingerberry Creek Patterns are for decoration purposes only. They are Not a toy and Not for children.

By purchasing and using a Gingerberry Creek Pattern you agree to the Pattern Terms of Use and other Company Policies.

Be sure to review my company Policies and Terms.

Pattern Abbreviations

Many  times you will find abbreviations throughout the pattern instructions.  

Here are some common abbreviations found in a GBC Pattern and what they mean. 

  • WF - Wool Felt
  • PP - Pattern Piece
  • SL - Single Layer
  • DL - Double Layer
  • SLF - Single Layer Fabric
  • DLF - Double Layer Fabric
  • RSO - Right Side Out
  • RST - Right Side Together

This information is also included on the General Instruction Page in each and every Gingerberry Creek Pattern.