Gargoyle Protection Services Pattern #288 and Tender Curses Voodoo Doll Pattern #226

Bulk Orders & Wholesale Orders

Bulk Orders vs. Wholesale Orders

Bulk Orders and Wholesale Orders are available only on Gingerberry Creek Paper Patterns.

Bulk Orders are for Customers who would like to purchase a large quantity of Gingerberry Creek Paper Patterns at one time.

There is a 10% discount offered to Customers who would like to place a Bulk Order of 25 Paper Patterns or more in one order.  If you interested in placing a Bulk Order please Contact Us for further instruction.

Wholesale Orders are for Authorized Retailers who would like to resell Gingerberry Creek Paper Patterns in their store.

If you would like to become a Authorized Retailer and set up a Wholesale Account with us, just download the Wholesale Terms & Conditions Form along with the Authorized Retailer Application Form.  Review the Wholesale Terms & Conditions Form and submit the Authorized Retailer Application Form along with your company's Resale Tax ID Certification Number.   Once we receive all the required information we will notify you of your Wholesale Account.

If you have any questions about Bulk Orders or about becoming a Authorized Retailer please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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If you are in Love with Gingerberry Creek Patterns and want to buy them all, then plan a Bulk Order and save!

Remember, if you are not sure about how to do certain techniques that are featured in our patterns, then check out our Video Tutorials

Wholesale Forms

Below are the Forms needed for setting up a Wholesale Account and becoming a Authorized Retailer of Gingerberry Creek Paper Patterns.

Once you open a Wholesale Account it is a good idea to download the most current Paper Pattern Wholesale Order Form before placing your Wholesale Order.  This way you don't miss out on any new patterns added to the list!