About Wool Felt

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Wool Felt Manufacturer

National NonWovens

East Hampton, MA

Wool Felt Blends

Gingerberry Creek carries 2 types of Wool Felt by National NonWovens.

20/80 Blend - This Wool Felt is a blend of 20% wool and 80% rayon.

35/65 Blend - This Wool Felt is a blend of 35% wool and 65% rayon.


Both blends of Wool Felt are a superior quality at an economical price.  They are both easy to cut and handle and offer great uniformity.  The high wool content adds durability and the rich felted wool is a great choice for those heirloom projects.

The thickness of both blends of Wool Felt, according to the manufacturer, is 0.032 - 0.048 inches (1/32" - 3/64") or 1mm to 2mm

Both Wool Felt blends are Dry Cleanable.  I suggest spot cleaning when needed.

All of Gingerberry Creek Patterns are designed using these Wool Felt Blends and will have the color names that are used in each pattern.  I suggest using the same Wool Felt that I use when designing the pattern to achieve the look that is pictured and for longevity.

How is the Wool Felt Made?

Wool Felt is a textile material that is produced by matting, condensing  and pressing the fibers together.  

Due to this manufacturing process the Wool Felt may contain natural fiber pieces that show in the Wool Felt.   

As well, the Wool Felt may be misshapen, meaning that it may be  slightly shorter than the size width stated by the manufacturer of 36"  wide.  These slight and rare imperfections are natural consequences of  the Wool Felt making process and your order may randomly contain them.  

How is the Wool Felt Sold and Cut?

Gingerberry Creek currently carries 113 colors of Wool Felt.

Wool Felt is sold in Half Yard increments. Listings will say that the Wool Felt is sold By the Half Yard (BTHY)

A Half Yard measures 18 inches x 36 inches, single layer.

Both Wool Felt blends are 36 inches wide and length is determined by the number of Half Yards purchased by you (the Customer).

Every Wool Felt Order  is cut straight from the bolt at the time of processing.  If ordering  more than a 1/2 yard (or 1 quantity) the Wool Felt will be cut in one continuous piece.  

How Wool Felt is Purchased & Stored

Gingerberry Creek purchases the Wool Felt directly from the Manufacturer, National NonWovens.

To ensure the original condition of the Wool Felt, as produced by the  manufacturer, it is stored in the original packaging from the  manufacturer and comes from a Smoke-Free Studio. 

FYI - Things to Consider

Gingerberry Creek tries to give the best picture possible to represent the true color of the Wool Felt, but colors may vary from one monitor to another.

Slight color differences may occur between different dye lots. This is normal for many fabrics to include wool felt. I recommend that you purchase a sufficient quantity of the color needed to complete your project.

Due to the felting process by the manufacturer, there may be small flakes or particles within the Wool Felt layers.  The Wool Felt may also be different widths on any given bolt due to the felting and bolt wrapping process  by the manufacturer.  Gingerberry Creek is not responsible for these slight and rare fabric imperfections which is due to the manufacturing process.

Please be aware that some Wool Felt Colors have a tendency to fade in any type of lighting.  At times the Wool Felt may be slightly lighter or darker on one side compared to the other side, this is also due to the manufacturing process.

Before purchasing, please make sure to review all of the shop policies for additional information on the company terms and conditions.

Please email me if you have other questions regarding the Wool Felt.

Wool Felt with matching Thread Colors


For your convenience, we have created a list of our Wool Felt Colors that we currently stock along with the best matched DMC Embroidery Thread.

The Wool Felt is listed alphabetically and the matching DMC Embroidery Thread is listed by the color number.

There are several companies that sell the 6-strand Embroidery Thread or Floss.  We personally use and recommend the DMC brand.  Each Thread # on our list are specific color numbers that are for the 6-strand DMC Thread.

As we add New Wool Felt Colors we will be updating this form.  So be sure to check to see if anything has changed.